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guita’s dill mustard

guita’s dill mustard

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125ml. Refrigerate after opening.

organic, vegan, natural, gluten free.


mustard grains, dill, garlic, maple syrup, white wine, apple cider vinegar, salt, turmeric, lemon pepper.

food profile and how to eat it:

Mustard is something very special for Carol’s family. Her maternal grandmother Guita would eat a little bit by the spoon every meal.

With its rustic and grainy texture, Guita’s mustard has a sweet herbal and garlicky taste. Spreadable, it is perfect for sandwiches or on slice of bread: a thick coat of Guita’s will make your day! Guita's Dill Mustard is perfect to add in salad dressings and potato salads. It is a masterpiece and a must try! Originally made for a very special person and now you can have it too ♥️. 

Produced all year round with Canadian Mustard Seeds, local Maple Syrup and local herbs harvested throughout Summer.



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