who we are

Hello Betina is a small local business led by Carol Gauche, a Brazilian chef and preserves lover. Most of the recipes come from her family recipe book and from friend's family recipes. Food is a theme that was always around Carol since her childhood.

The business was named after her mom, Betina, the best cook in the world no kidding.

Raised in a family loves trying new flavours, Carol likes pickles and preserves since she was a little kid and her Omama’s famous pickles were a treat when visiting the little farm in the South of Brazil every Summer.

Hello Betina is a little bit of all of it: sweet memories from other times, that food’s flavour you can only find at your mom or grandma’s kitchen. Our menu consists on a few options for spreads, antipastos and sauces in cute jars bringing to you natural products and with no addition of chemical ingredients.  All the love contained in these jars is manufactured in small batches carry artisanal techniques having natural and organic produce handpicked specially for you. Our canning process follows all steps to guarantee fresh flavour and safety.

With the support of friends, Hello Betina was created following only one rule: having love and respect for each step.

Each jar has a different story to tell and whenever opened it works like a warming hug to each person, with flavours that bring this familiar warming feeling.

To order, share a recipe or simply give a feedback, contact us at hello@hellobetina.com.